Attention to Detail Machining and Electronic Services
ATDMS - Attention to Detail Machining and Electronic Services
Welcome to my hobby site.  I try my best to do everything with the utmost attention to detail.  Please browse current and past projects to get an idea of what I might be able to do for you.
Many of my modifications/custom projects involve parts/assemblies/product from various vendors such as SureFire, Maglite, and others.  Those manufacturers are not affiliated or associated in any manner with ATDMS or the products I sell/modify. These manufacturers do not manufacture, sponsor, warrant, and have no involvement or endorsement of any ATDMS products/services. The
use of any/all product names, models, and trademarks from those companies is strictly for the purpose of identifying the host/flashlight/product/project/etc. that I am offering. All other trademarks, copyrights, graphics, images, text, or other content not owned by ATDMS or any of its related companies that appear with this website are the property of their respective owners, irrespective of any affiliation, or involvement with ATDMS.
What do I Do
Being a hobby, I work on stuff that I like, which in my case it is a little bit of everything.  I own a full electronics design/programming work bench, where I concentrate on LED-based projects, as well as a well stocked machine shop, with a 12x lathe and an 8x32 knee mill.  Some of the projects I have done in the past include::
- Machining/modification of parts in Plastic, Delrin, Aluminum, Steel, and Titanium
- Circuit design, debugging/troubleshooting, soldering/assembly including SMT (surface mount parts).
- I program, debug, and test my own software designs, based on Atmel's Tiny85 and Tiny84.
- I design my own PWB's, both prototypes and production quality circuit boards, using Eagle CAD design.
- I design parts and complete 3D assemblies using Alibre Expert Design, and I am starting to learn SolidWorks
- I design and make tools and accessories
- I repaired and modified countless flashlights and diving lights
What is new?

Every week the website is more and more complete, so please excuse the fact that a few of the links/pages are placeholders for now.
Mar 2013 - Started work on custom Titanium DE handles
Mar 2013 - Titanium shaving brush with a Premiun Silvertip Badger knot
Feb 2013 - Modified a Gold Dollar straight razor and created a new Titanium fixed-handle for it
Aug 2012 - Machining ACME threads
Aug 2012 - New Safety Air gun and new air nozzles for Accu-Lube from Exair
Aug 2012 - Always wondered how much work there is in making a custom part?  Watch these videos for a step-by-step view.
Aug 2012 - Updated LED Shop Lamps with a constant current LED regulator and 8 output levels
Aug 2012 - Just added two videos showing the automatic temperature control with hysteresis on the LED Linear Driver
July 2012 - Just finished some custom heatsinks  and machining work for a customer's custom diving light
July 2012 - In-depth view of the process of making a custom PWB board
July 2012 - New Linear LED Driver
July 2012 - Three-part series on testing Powder Coating, Cerakote, and Moly Resin on Aluminum parts

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